Hurricane Sandy storm surge data for New Jersey available from FEMA

UPDATE January 2, 2013: Google has added the storm surge data to their Sandy crisis maps (Superstorm Sandy: NYCSuperstorm Sandy). HT Pete Giencke from the Google Crisis Response Team


Hurricane Sandy storm surge data for New Jersey are now available for download from FEMA, as per note from NJ Office of GIS Director Andy Rowan sent to the New Jersey Geospatial Forum (NJGF) email listserv.

Below is an excerpt from the original announcement made by the FEMA Region II Geospatial Coordinator. The URL points to a 990 MB zip file (which unzips to 13.9 GB ).

If you need only the data for New Jersey, then use this file:

If you need the other states, look in the MOTF FTP link for similar file names with different state abbreviations.  Contained in that zip file are a vector shapefile of the estimated storm surge extent based on field observation data collected through November 11, and there is a depth grid (ESRI raster) at 3-meter resolution as well.  These files were created by interpolating the high water marks (collected by USGS under FEMA mission assignment) into a water surface elevation grid, and then subtracting the ground elevation (3-meter DEM) from the water surface elevations in order to provide estimated water depth over land (inundation).


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